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A brand new start March 10, 2010

Filed under: Kids room — Stubben @ 1:23 pm

I’ve used a lot of time, during this maternity leave, to surf the net looking for fantastic items for our home. I decided that the wise thing to do, would be to go through one room at a time. So right now, the kids’ room is looking somewhat presentable, and the rest of the apartment is in need of a make-over, or a helping hand.

I still need a few finishing touches, but I actually like the room we’ve created for the kids. I wasn’t sure how to make  room within the room for both of them, where they could play together and have spaces for themselves. It was very important for me that my 4 year old girl wouldn’t feel that she had to give up all her space for her younger brother.

I’ll post a few pictures here when the room is finished. Right now I’m waiting for the Dotty 501 wallpaper from Ferm Living